Oscar is a Graphic Designer and illustrator specializing in custom logos, typography, and all things print, with experience in video, motion graphics, environmental, and digital. A firm believer in clean content and form as the key to brand storytelling. Brings boundless energy and an appetite for killer design, collaboration, and ice cream. He's got jokes.

The full story

Raised in the hard streets of the South, this tall Mexican/quarter Irish was born in Tucson, AZ in 1988—But at just 3 months the family moved down to a small border town called Nogales, AZ. Senior year of high school in 2006, he received a scholarship to attend college. With no goals in mind at the time, he made a promise to make it to New York City. He packed one bag at age 18 and began his journey by moving back to Tucson, Arizona—where his college life was waiting for him.

Raised from a latin family past and always being judged for not following the status quo, this guy decided to study Graphic Design. During his time in college, he met his first design mentor by the name of Denise Laundry (creative director for Lisa Franks). Later, his interests in art grew and began to study theater, stagecraft and acting with Deana Radtke and Todd Poelstra.

Needing a challenge in his life, he decided to join martial arts (Jiu-Jitsu). It was at this moment that his life changed while being coached by Josh “The Hurricane” Hinger. Good friend, mentor, coach, and teacher that helped building his confidence while also teaching him how to kick ass. Life has been going nothing but uphill ever since!

After four years in tucson he got admitted into Arizona State University Herberger School of Design and the Arts (ASU). In 2014 during the World Cup, he was given the opportunity to be the first student from the program to intern in Brasil, Bom dia! The Brazilian culture shaped him in a way that changed his life when returning to the United States.

After his 2015 graduation from ASU, he received a great the opportunity to leave Arizona and headed over to the East Coast to work for Gensler in Washington, D.C.. In December of 2016, his dream to one day work in New York City as a Graphic Designer came true–and he has been there ever since.  

Now his main focus is looking for that dream job while making people laugh, geeking out over typography, and being surrounded by ice cream.