Bra Tenders

Xiaoli Wang
Oscar Saylor

Marine Lane

New York NY

For over three decades, founder and CEO of Bra Tenders, Lori Kaplan, has been supporting, sculpting, smoothing and shaping the heavenly bodies of women and men everywhere- including many actors who star in popular shows on Broadway. As the Bra Tenders clientele has grown, so has its inventory; the company now boasts some 4,000+ products, giving women and men a wide selection of bra customization. Lori approached Marine Lane seeking a new website that would better showcase her company’s large amount of products and high-end services, while also providing an enjoyable online experience. By adding a brighter color palette and a variety of organic shapes within the website’s redesign, we created a more uplifting, sensual, and playful mood. The Bra Tenders new website now offers customers the same personal, VIP experience that Lori provides in-store.

Everything on the Bra Tenders website was designed to represent something: the organic shapes represent that we aren’t perfect, the floating illustrations represent our body shapes, and the images represent us. While scrolling on the website, these  shapes and illustrations begin to overlap with the images. This interaction gives the customer a feeling of everything coming together, thus dynamically representing their shopping experience. Only when the customer fully completes a transaction will the shapes, illustrations, and images finish joining together, representing Bra Tenders success in helping them piece themselves together.