Creative Director
Steven Joswick


Washington DC

The Leadership Playbook was an in-house project designed for Gensler. Its purpose was to have designers be paired with an art director to help improve their leadership skills. The playbooks would consist of five task: Model the Way,  Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. The designer will then write down its goal towards that task, and once a week they would meet with their assigned director to help get direction on accomplishing that goal. 

The concept was to connect designers that will later become leaders; which inspired to use Abraham Lincoln for the cover. The white on the Left represents the designer, and throughout time, the designer will become a leader. The company wanted something different for this design, which I persuaded a maybe switching something simple like the color. Gensler's main color is red and their secondary colors are orange, blue, and yellow. Needed a color that the architecture firm didn't use inside of their identity. The color I chose was Magenta because for me magenta doesn't feel too masculine or too feminine, its right in between.