36 Days of Type 07
Brooklyn, NY

Art Direction, Typography, Social, and Print

I participated in the social media art project "36 Days of Type" in 2020 with a specific goal. I decided to adhere to a straightforward and minimalist look when I created my interpretations of the Latin alphabet's letters and numbers and Arabic numerals as contemporary logos. I focused on the shapes and forms of each letter and number by keeping my color palette black and white, which allowed me to accomplish this.

I have never taken part in the 36 Days of Type before. I did learn more than I had anticipated. Making time on the side and producing something I genuinely feel good about sharing was especially difficult. Making basic logo designs in a short amount of time is difficult. Yet, it had been a long since I had the time to create logotypes. I had to review my skills once more and open my logo books. The most excellent part was rekindling my passion for monochromatic logos and straightforward lettering.