Gensler D.C.:
NASA Real Estate Washington D.C.

Branding, Print, Photography, and Typography.

Oscar Saylor
Elizabeth Bolton

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is an executive branch of the United States federal government, known for their civilian space program, aeronautics, and aerospace research. NASA is now leasing sections of their property, which created a need for a Real Estate Guide with instructions and details covering the process to own the property. It was my job to redesign their 250 page PDF guide of pure text and make it more legible and simpler by adding more visuals and cleaning up the typography. Through this process, the team decided that the next steps were to create a website instead of having an online PDF. Most PDF's have to be zoomed-in and are not responsive on different digital devices.

The website options where deisgned using bootstrap. First concept was to keep the layout similar to how the current NASA's website was designed to keep the viewers familiar with the navigation. Second concept was to be strictly for the Real Estate Guide. The design was much simpler and straight to the point.