New York Times:
New York, NYC

Art Direction, Branding, Print, Animation, Guidelines, Social and Typography. 

Caroline Smith
Yen-Wei Liu
Matthew Kaiser
Matt Eller

As part of a team, I collaborated on the brand direction, social promotion, and print direction of the New York Times DealBook Summit 2022. Together, we developed a cohesive brand strategy that aligned with the event's goals and objectives, created engaging social media content, and designed high-quality printed materials. We also collaborated with Matt Eller, From Afternoon Inc., on the animation and video components of the event, ensuring that they were consistent with the overall brand identity.

In addition, I worked on creating assets for the DealBook website, such as banners, graphics, and other promotional materials. This ensured that the website reflected the same visual identity as the event and helped to drive attendance and engagement.

Our collective efforts helped to elevate the profile of the event and generate excitement among attendees and sponsors, making the New York Times DealBook Summit 2022 a successful and memorable event.