Gensler D.C.:
Signal Financial
Washington D.C.

Art direction, Wayfinding, Typography, Branding, Print,  and Experience.

Steven Joswick
Oscar Saylor

Signal Financial, a federal credit union providing better financial alternatives to customers since 1947, approached Gensler to redesign their new branch. To show them how architecture and design can inspire their new facility, we created a tour booklet highlighting our past projects. It covered eight different locations, each containing an image of the building with its current site plan. To give the client the best overall experience, I ensured each book was designed at a pocket-sized scale; this lead me to professionally print and bind them all in-house. Through the book’s clear visuals, simple layout, and versatility, we guided the client towards a successful branch design.

To improve upon Gensler’s previous booklet designs which forced clients to jot down ideas within the margins, I introduced a dedicated notes section. Providing this dot-graph space for every location gave the opportunity to not only write notes, but also sketch ideas.