Studio Theater
Wahsington DC

Art direction, Photography, Print, and Typograpy.

Studio Theater began in 1978, facilitating a well-suited venue for actors and entertainment. It was important to capture and maintain the excitement that is inherent in dancing and entertainment. Research lead me to the inspirational work of Piet Mondrian, who used 90 and 45-degree angles on his Dutch and modern designs. The 1920's was also the era of Art Deco which introduced the Futura Typeface. The final geometric appearance resulted from the pairing of sharp angles with Futura.

Working on a project which greatly involved history and research in order to better understand the progression and relationship between theater and design, resulting in a very enjoyable design process. As most contemporary work in our surroundings is consumed with color, there is an appreciation of the black and white palette of the 1920's; it's a reminder that simple design lasts longer.