Gensler D.C.:
The Washington Post Washington D.C.

Wayfinding, Environmnetal Graphics, Typography, and Print.

Steven Joswick
Hannah Olin

Garrett Rowland

Founded in 1877, The Washington Post is a famous American newspaper located in Washington, DC. Being in their previous home on 15th Street since 1972, the Post found themselves with an opportunity to relocate. Since technology keeps changing so drastically, this was a chance to create a more media-friendly environment. A large team of Interior designers, architects, environmental, and graphic designers collaborated to help redesign the full interior branding and its experience of the new headquarters. The inspiration derived from a large amount of history that was collected from the team. The branding then consisted of its existing simplistic black and white palette that helped create a more simple and minimal design throughout the whole building.

The staircase was to showcase 50 different newspapers that the Post produced during the U.S. historic timeline dating back from 1877.

Eight meeting rooms were covered with 125 different headline titles as a wall graphic.  Each headline was scanned from its actual Newspaper to keep that authentic appearance and texture of that era.