Verizon 5G Lab
Los Angeles, CA.

Typography, Logo,  Environmnetal Graphics, 3D, Print, Digital, and Experience.

Ric Edwards
Michael Russo
Stephen Bashore
Adam Hayes
Andreas Karales

The 5G Los Angeles Lab invites creatives and influencers to innovate with Verizon. It is a dedicated space for 5G testing, supporting new consumer experiences and enterprise tools. The lab consists of three areas: the Music Content Hub, the 5G Gaming Center, and the 5G Sports Center. Each space is branded accordingly to resonate with the content being created. The lobby is a gateway to the experience areas and highlights Verizon Business Group customers and use cases. The Music Content Hub allows partners to access and leverage our technology for incubating new products and services. The 5G Gaming Center is a west coast base for Team Dignitas, featuring zones to showcase 5G. The 5G Sports Center serves as a home base for Global Sports Ventures Studio (GSVS), showcasing the use of 5G and MEC in sports training and entertainment.