Verizon Express
San Francisco, CA.

Art direction, Wayfinding, Environmnetal Graphics, UX UI, Print, Photography, Digital, and Experience.

Michael Russo
Derek Love
Adam Hayes
Michael Dougherty
David Knowles

The Verizon Express Store is a new smaller format retail concept for Verizon in urban areas with high foot traffic and time-constrained, digitally included customers. A unique combination of physical and digital experiences allows customers: to get in and out of stores quickly, the ability to shop on their terms and not get oversold to and to use their phone or computer during their purchase journey.

The Express Store places an emphasis on digital and self-serve to help customers get in and out fast. The Express Store features a pick-up table, where customers will be directed to pick up their purchase if they’ve already completed an order through another channel or in-store via the digital kiosk or My Verizon app. An order progress list next to the table shows customers’ names, order status and anticipated order wait times.

The back digital wall is an interactive endless aisle shopping and browsing experience, so customers can browse the catalog, learn more about products, and then complete their purchase in-store. When the customer is ready to act, they will be directed to the digital kiosks to complete the most popular in-store transactions, like shopping for devices/accessories, bill payment and device/plan changes.