Verizon Media DMEXCO
Cologne, Germany

Wayfinding, Environmnetal Graphics, Print, and Experience.

Ric Edwards
Stephen Bashore

Photography: Verizon Social Media Team

DMEXCO 2019 (Digital Marketing Expo & Conference) was a prominent digital marketing expo and conference held in Colo

gne, Germany, bringing together industry professionals, showcasing innovative products, and facilitating networking and knowledge exchange.

Verizon displayed its cutting-edge telecom products and services at DMExico 2019, emphasizing the revolutionary potential of 5G. The exhibit included hands-on activities that showed how 5G might transform sectors like healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, and transportation. Visitors got a glimpse into the connectedness of the future by engaging with immersive virtual reality and real-time IoT apps. The lectures and conversations by the experts from Verizon helped to establish the firm as a thought leader in the telecoms industry. Overall, Verizon's attendance at DMExico 2019 showed their dedication to promoting technology advancement and influencing the future of the digital world.