Verizon Up
This is Shawn Mendes
New York, NY.

Wayfinding, Environmnetal Graphics, UX UI, 3D, Print, Digital, and Experience.

Ric Edwards
Stephen Bashore

Verizon and Shawn Mendes collaborated to create an exclusive two-day pop-up experience called "This is Shawn Mendes presented by Verizon." The purpose of this event was to generate brand envy and show appreciation to customers. Attendees were guided through Shawn's creative process, from song creation to live performance. Verizon provided unprecedented access to Shawn, allowing fans to embark on their musical journey. Participants experienced what it feels like to be Shawn, receiving content through their mobile devices. Verizon Up customers had priority access to the event.

The experience offered insights into Shawn's inspiration for writing his album, showcased how he used his phone for songwriting and demonstrated the role of network connectivity in the music industry. Fans also had the opportunity to step on stage and witness a live performance from Shawn's perspective. An exclusive merchandise shop and lounge were also available, granting fans early access to official tour merchandise, with Verizon Up members enjoying exclusive pieces unavailable to others.